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Braincell cable-tie RFID tags

Braincell cable-tie RFID tags

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Brain Cells are a new concept in electrical safety testing. This product will allow you to greatly enhance the service you can offer your customers by decreasing test times, analysing instrument degradation and increasing traceability. The Brain Cell offers greatly increased environmental ruggedness when compared to conventional barcodes.

Each Braincell contains a microchip memory which requires no battery and can store relatively large amounts of data. The real advantage is that these devices not only allow information to be read from them but can also have a new data written to them by the PAT Tester, using the read / write reader.

Each Braincell is completely sealed and can be attached to the appliance by an integral cable tie, making Braincells the most rugged form of information available. A Braincell can contain information such as serial numbers, location, previous test results and a limited number of comments.

One package contains 50 braincells.

Product code 288A953
Manufacturer Seaward