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Seaward Supernova Elite PATSolutions Kit

Seaward Supernova Elite PATSolutions Kit

This Supernova Elite PATSolutions Kit includes everything you need to complete the PAT testing process easily and efficiently. The kit contains one of the best PAT testers on the market which enables you to preform a range of comprehensive tests, you can then print labels using the included printer, scan barcodes of your last tests and save results in the PATGuard 2 Elite data management software.

The Supernova Elite advanced downloading PAT tester has a comprehensive range of tests including RCD trip time and flash tests as well as dual voltage (230 / 110 V) capability. A test record memory stores up to 5000 PAT testing results including location, user, test status and date. It links to a PC and has a modem for remote transfer of information. There are connections for a barcode reader, braincell scanner and printer, as well as a parallel printer port. Barcode labels are generated via a thermal printer. There is a large graphical display, with legible, walk through instructions for each test facility. Downloading vital information is fast and asset management is supported with three software options.

  Inside the box:

  • Supernova Elite
  • Earth bond lead
  • 110V Adapter
  • Flash probe
  • Computer download lead
  • Dual serial port adaptor
  • Test n Tag printer (Kroy K3000 series)
  • AC adaptor
  • IEC lead
  • Printer lead
  • Label cartridge
  • RFID barcode scanner
  • Y cable
  • Carry case
  • Peel stick
  • Peel stick instruction + printer troubleshooting sheet
  • Printer Instruction Manual
  • Seaward Guide to PAT testing
  • Supernova Instruction manual
  • Calibration Certificate
  • PATGuard Elite 2 software for easy PAT data management

  Supported PAT tests:

  • Earth Continuity
  • Earth Screen Continuity
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Flash
  • RCD Trip Time Test
  • Protective Conductor Current
  • Touch Current
  • Substitute Leakage
  • Load Test
  • IEC Lead Polarity
Product code 323A911 / 910
Manufacturer Seaward