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Seaward PATGuard 3 Elite

Seaward PATGuard 3 Elite

  Key features:

  • Intuitive user interface for efficiency and ease-of-use
  • Tag photos to sites, locations, asset IDs and test results
  • Download compatible with a wide variety of PAT testers
  • Electrical risk assessment tool quickly determines risk-based retest periods for electrical appliances
  • Universal risk assessment tool calculates risk score for any workplace hazard
  • Extensive range of detailed and summary reports
  • Test and inspection reports for fire detection/alarm systems and emergency lighting
  • Auto-scheduler function notifies the user when assets are due for retest
  • Create a professional viewer CD for read only access to test records
  • Generate professional invoices
  • Create customisable exports of test records in CSV format



  • 1-year license card
  • 3-year license card
  • Unlimited license


The ultimate in PAT testing and health and safety management software

PATGuard 3 is an easy-to-use software program which enables you to record, store and report on a range of health and safety requirements including PAT testing, risk assessments and other workplace test and inspections. Tag records with images as visual evidence, schedule retest periods and produce professional reports and certificates for total traceability. PATGuard 3 is compatible with a wide range of portable appliance testers, including Seaward’s Apollo 600 safety management tool.


Comprehensive PAT Records

PATGuard 3 offers total traceability when it comes to maintaining portable appliance testing records, enabling images taken with Apollo 600 or any camera or phone to be tagged against sites, locations, asset IDs and test results – providing evidence of visual inspection. Tagged images can be included in the vast range of reports that PATGuard 3 can create. These are easily stored, printed or emailed.


 A Risk-Based Approach

Universal and electrical risk assessment tools are built into PATGuard 3. The electrical risk assessment tool can be used to ensure a risk-based approach is taken to portable appliance testing; automatically determining retest periods for assets proportionate to risk, as required by the British IET Code of Practice. The universal risk assessment tool means recording details of any workplace hazard, calculating risk scores and scheduling corrective actions has never been simpler.


Complete Health and Safety Management

A range of additional health and safety test and inspection certificates are built into PATGuard 3, allowing records for the inspection of emergency lighting and fire alarm systems to be kept and easily managed. The software program is upgradeable to include more health and safety reports and certificates as updates are released.


Simple Asset Management

PATGuard 3 features a simple checkbox system which helps to keep track of assets which are in service. It is also easy to keep asset repair and maintenance records, including any associated costs where applicable. The ability to tag images next to asset records has an added benefit of aiding quick and easy identification of appliances and equipment to make life simpler when it comes to retesting.


Compatible with the Apollo Series

PATGuard 3 is the ultimate companion for the Apollo Series Testers. When used with Apollo 500 & 600 it is simple to upload and download reports, images, test results and risk assessments to and from the tester, creating a total safety management tool. As well as being compatible with all Seaward PAT testers, PATGuard 3 is also suited for use with a range of other manufacturer’s testers with download capability.


  System requirements:

  • IBM Compatible PC
  • Processor Speed 500Mhz or higher
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 50Mb available hard disk space
  • Colour monitor with 32 bit colour or greater video card
  • Internet connection or CD ROM drive
  • Internet Explorer 8 or later

  Ideal for:

  • Dutyholders
  • In-house PAT testers
  • Health and Safety Managers
  • Health & Safety Contractors
  • Professional PAT Testers
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Facilities Managers
  • Risk Assessment Professionals
  • Operations Managers


  Compatible with:

The program can receive downloaded data from the following testers:

  • Seaward Apollo 600
  • Seaward Apollo 500
  • Seaward PrimeTest 250+
  • Seaward PrimeTest 350
  • Seaward PrimeTest 300
  • Seaward Europa Series
  • Seaward Supernova Series
  • Seaward IT1000
  • Seaward PAT1000 Series
  • Seaward PAT 2000 Series
  • Seaward SEN60204
  • Clare HAL 101/102/103
  • Clare SafeCheck 8
  • Clare SafeTest Luminaire
  • Clare SafeTest Manufacturing
  • Ethos 9300 / 9500 / 9600
  • MPAT60
  • Emona Maestro
  • Metrohm MicroPAT+
  • Megger PAT4*
  • Robin SmartPAT 5000/5500
  • Metrel OmegaPAT
  • Metrel BETA PAT

The program can upload to the following PAT testers:

  • Seaward Apollo 600
  • Seaward Apollo 500
  • Seaward PrimeTest 350
  • Seaward PrimeTest 300
  • Seaward Europa Series
  • Seaward Supernova Series
  • Seaward IT1000
  • Seaward PAT2000i/iee
  • Ethos 9500 / 9600
  • Emona Maestro

* Requires download through a parallel port via a parallel to serial adapter – not available from Seaward – contact Megger for download cable and adaptor requirements.



Product code PATG3
Manufacturer Seaward